Current Issue

  • Volume 86,
  • Number 1 -
  • 2023

Policing And Behavioral Health

Special Editors: Jeffrey W. Swanson, Marvin S. Swartz & Brandon Garrett

Policing and Behavioral Health Conditions
Jeffrey W. Swanson, Marvin S. Swartz & Brandon Garrett


Expansion of the Police Role in Responding to Mental Health Crises Over the Past Fifty Years: Driving Factors, Race Inequities and the Need to Rebalance Roles
Amy C. Watson & Taleed El-Sabawi

Triaging Mental Health Emergencies: Lessons From Philadelphia
Jennifer D. Wood & Evan Anderson

In Consideration of the Behavioral Health of Police
Meret S. Hofer & Jennifer Rineer

North Carolina Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD): Considerations For Optimizing Eligibility and Referral
Allison R. Gilbert, Reah Siegel, Michele M. Easter, Meret S. Hofer, Josie Caves Sivaraman, Deniz Ariturk, Jeffrey W. Swanson, Marvin S. Swartz, Ruth Wygle & Grace Feng

Diversion and/as Decarceration
Katherine Beckett