About Us

Law and Contemporary Problems was founded in 1933 and is the oldest journal published at Duke Law School. It is a quarterly, interdisciplinary, faculty-edited publication of Duke Law School. L&CP recognizes that many fields in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities can enhance the development and understanding of law. It is our purpose to seek out these areas of overlap and to publish balanced symposia that enlighten not just legal readers, but readers from these other disciplines as well.

L&CP uses a symposium format, generally publishing one symposium per issue on a topic of contemporary concern. Authors and articles are selected to ensure that each issue collectively creates a unified presentation of the contemporary problem under consideration. L&CP hosts an annual conference at Duke Law School featuring the authors of one of the year’s four symposia.


Citation to Law and Contemporary Problems articles should be made according to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (19th ed. 2010) with the addition of the season of publication within the parenthetical clause for the date of publication (e.g., Author, Title, 70 LAW & CONTEMP. PROBS. 1 (Winter 2007)).