Law and Contemporary Problems
Volume 77
A Quarterly Published by the Duke University School of Law
Durham, North Carolina

Theresa A. Newman, Chair
Matthew Adler
Charles T. Clotfelter
James Boyle
Jack Knight
Neil Vidmar

Alfred B. Jensen, Editor in Chief
Larissa Boz, Managing Editor
Brittany Edwards-Franklin,
Executive Editor
W. David Maxwell,
Executive Editor
Kristi Lundstrom,
Executive Editor
Tyler Warner,
Executive Editor
Hyatt Howard, Publication Editor
Valerie Rymar, Lead Articles Editor
Nina Gupta, Notes & Research Editor
Sam Wice, Symposium Editor
Christian Viehman, Online Editor

Julie Coleman
Devin Grabarek
Benjamin Schaumberg
David M. Stuckey
B. Thomas Watson
Ashley Eisenberg
Matt Kelsey
Alex Sigoloff
Susan E. Walker
Matthew Williams
C. Alice Yu

Sean W. Anderson
William M. Friedman
Yoni Grossman-Boder
Drew Hermiller
J. Zachary Lloyd
Kaetochi Okemgbo
Lucy Partain
Norman Reilly III
Rebecca Ryan
Rachel D. Smithson
Tessa White
Peter H. Wyman, Jr.
Margaret Flatt
Robert Groot
Erika Herman
Robert Kornweiss
Ryan L. Marcus
Eric B. Pacifici
Holly Ratliff
Olivia H. Renensland
Alexander E. Shiekman
Paulina Stanfel
Brian Wilke
Minglei Zhao

Melanie J. Dunshee, Journals Advisor
Kristi Kumpost, Journals Coordinator
Law and Contemporary Problems publishes four editions per annual volume; occasionally a double issue will span two of the four publication dates. Because each issue is a symposium, delayed submission of an article necessarily postpones publication of the issue. We ask our readers to understand and to forbear the occasional resulting irregularity. Views expressed in articles in this periodical are attributable to the authors and not to the periodical, the editors, or Duke University.